Tricks For Removing Grease From Kitchen Appliances

Certain appliances, such as the range, get exposed to lots of greasy food. Soap and water does not always work to remove such unsightly stains completely. Fortunately, a homemaker should have ready access to a couple items that can ensure removal of all the unwanted grease spots.

The method for making grease-removing paper

Take any slice of transparent paper. Cover it with a thin layer of oil. Rub the oily paper on any sticky spots on the stovetop of any greasy areas on the kitchen counter. Naturally, you will want to get rid of the oil that remains. Use soap and water to wipe down the just-cleaned area.

The method for creating a grease-removing liquid

Mix together vinegar and water. Be sure that your mixture contains plenty of vinegar. Pour it on any area that has not responded as expected to a cleaning with soap and water. Wipe off the solution and see if the wet area is now clean. It could be that you have to carry out an enhanced version of the process you have just completed. Try sprinkling some salt on the stubborn spot and then applying the vinegar-water mixture. By introducing the salt, you alter the pH of the water. In that way, you increase the chances that you will succeed in doing away with the unsightly stain.

How to make use of what Nature has created

Instead of changing the pH of the water you plan to put on a stain or spot, obtain a liquid that already has an effective pH level. For instance, you might want to try using the juice of a lemon. Squeeze the juice on the hard-to-remove spot; treat it like you would any cleaning agent. Wipe it off using a damp cloth or sponge. Step back and admire the shine that has replaced the grease and grime.
In that example, you used juice from a citrus fruit. The juice from an orange can also be used to get rid of grease. It can prove particularly effective as a cleaning agent, if the grease between tiles on a countertop needs to be scrubbed away.
You can purchase products to which the cleaning power of citric juice has been added. Read the label and try the product at home. See if it causes a color change within the area that has been targeted by the sprayed cleaner. (Most cleaners come in containers that have been fitted with some sort of sprayer.) The color change is a sure sign that the added liquid (juice) is doing its job. Additionally, it is good to consult an appliance repair technician in London to know more about it.