How To Attack A Clogged Garbage Disposal?

Even though the water that runs into the kitchen drain later passes through the garbage disposal, a clog in that appliance differs from a clog in a drain. In the garbage-disposing appliance, some food particles can get stuck in the disposal’s blades. At that point, the blades fail to function properly, but the appliance’s motor does produce a humming sound.

Here are the steps a troubleshooter should take, if it becomes necessary to unjam a garbage disposal.

First, turn it off; make sure no electricity gets fed to the appliance’s motor. Next, grab hold of a flashlight and look into the disposal’s hopper. Check to see if some object has managed to block the operation of the blades. If you see such an object, use wooden or plastic tongs to remove it.

If your inspection did not reveal the reason for the jamming, you must look under the sink. Locate the hole in the disposal. Insert a ¼ inch Allen wrench into that same hole and turn it back and forth. Once the wrench can turn through a full circle, remove the wrench and get ready to carry out the next procedure.

Repeat the action you took after turning the garbage disposal off. Take another look at the disposal’s hopper. Maybe now you can see some object obstructing the blades’ movement. If you see such an object, use the tongs to remove it.

If you find no hole in the part of the disposal that fills a small section of the area under your kitchen sink, you will have to get hold of a broom. Turn it upside down, so that you can use the handle. Put that handle down into the disposal’s hopper. Let it touch the blades.

Move the broom handle back and forth. Ideally, that movement will work to reveal any food that is blocking the blades. Check again for any evidence of such an obstruction.

Finally, locate the appliance’s reset button. Push the same button. Then turn on the kitchen faucet, allowing the water to run into the drain in your kitchen’s sink.

Once the water is running, you need to turn on the switch that permits the flow of electricity into the disposal. Hopefully, that device will now be working properly. If the troubleshooting procedures have not fixed the problem, you will have to contact a professional repair technician in Brampton.

Words of warning

Refrain from putting your hand into the hole that leads to the disposal’s hopper. You should not tempt fate; you must not assume that the disposal could not possibly start working all of a sudden. Understand that the disposal’s blades could start moving. Hence, you must keep your hands out of the appliance’s hopper.