What Refrigerator Problems Call For The Services of A Repair Technician?

If an expert on appliance repairs were to be asked the question in the title of this article, that same person would need to provide two sets of guidelines. One set would offer the type of guidance that could call attention to the different possibilities that ought to be eliminated, if cooling issues have become a problem. The second set would focus exclusively on what problems must be fixed by a technician. (more…)

Troubleshoot Easy Repairs On Microwave Oven

Even an amateur troubleshooter can check for certain problems, trying to catch them before major repair work becomes necessary. For example, no great level of skill must be acquired, before someone can look for loose terminal connections. It is also easy to learn how to match specific problems with the name of the component that seems to be malfunctioning. For instance, if a microwave oven keeps blowing fuses, it is time to check the door switch. If the door switch is not working right, that could be the result of a failed capacitor. On the other hand, it might signal the presence of a bad diode. (more…)

Is Oven’s Self Cleaning System Better To Use?

Does your oven have a self-cleaning option? Many newer models do but many people do not trust this option to use it without feeling intimidated. The ovens typically get used the most during the winter months and over the holidays and less during the summer months, mainly because people can grill outside or they travel. Before the winter cooking and baking begins, you will want to make sure that your oven is clean. (more…)

Will I Need Professional Ice Maker Repairs?

The ice maker attached or added to your refrigerator can make your life style much more convenient. The mere ease of pressing in a button to get either water or ice is a must have for busy households. Anytime you want something cold to drink, you need the ice to cool it down. Sometimes the ice makers don’t always work the way they should. When this happens, you want it fixed as quickly as possible. Should you call a professional repairman to come out and fix it or is there something that you can do to fix the issue and have ice again? Here is a quick check to help you determine the best way to get your ice maker repaired as soon as possible. (more…)

Why Does My Washer Smell Musty?

There are many benefits to high efficiency washers. The biggest benefit is that they use significantly less water than traditional washing machine. This can save you a lot of money on water costs. High efficiency washing machines also use less energy to clean your clothing and other materials. So you double your savings by saving on water costs as well as electricity costs. (more…)